Unlocking every SME and BIG Co. potential with the ultimate people management tool!



People management has always been localised to the big corporations. Many times to small business owners people management is a luxury. Human manager is a human capital solution to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes.


As a business HumanManager’s mission is to create a balance between employee satisfaction and workplace efficiency while constantly providing valuable insights that will keep this process progressive and efficient.


A tripartite software service

  • HumanManager enterprise
  • HumanManager flex
  • HumanManager mobile app
How can people management be affordable for SMEs?

HumanManager flex

Access and manage detailed employee data online without upfront investment in infrastructure – servers, database etc.

Manage employee pay on the go

HumanManager mobile app

The Big Co’s are not left out

HumanManager Enterprise software caters to long established and large organisations easy and fast set up.